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Bespoke painter at Strandbergs Finmåleri - Giving new life to your furniture and floors

Strandbergs Finmåleri delivers high quality painting as well as restoration of furniture, old and new. In addition to painting and furniture restoration I work with colour consultation, paint removal revealing  original paints as well as patina.

My passion is to enhance furniture and homes through the use of colour. By painting a piece of furniture one can give it a whole new life and create a new expression in your home.

I save older pieces of furniture, which have been covered by layer upon layer of paint by carefully scraping of the layers and revealing the true shape. If you want we will preserve the original paint otherwise we can discuss a new colour. Even a newer piece of furniture can need a lick of paint. With proper underwork and new colour your furniture will enjoy a new lease of life. If you want a new look for your wooden floors I handpaint squares in a size and colour that fit your home. If you are in need of floor inspiration I will gladly come to your home and discuss what would suit you best.


My customers come from all over Sweden and Europe. The use of nordic tones has become somewhat of my speciality. The Scandinavian tones embrace a splash of colour here and there. My colour inspiration comes mainly from my upbringing in South East Asia.

I work mainly with the colour brand Farrow & Ball as I was schooled in England and truly enjoy both the quality of the paints as well as the different colours.

The most important thing for me is the level of quality in my craft and this also is my greatest strength. Along with a warm and professional reception this keeps my klients coming back.

I look forward to increasing my work within colour consulting.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information or to book a consultation.

As I have chosen to place my studio in RoslagenI will happily pick up and deliver your furniture within the Stockholm area.

Karin Mossberg Strandberg


+46 (0)739-333 122

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Karin Mossberg

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+46 (0)739-333 122



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